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Cats love it me too

Panther xxl blackline

Prachtige krabpaal / meubel, mooi van kleur, groot en solide, makkelijk in elkaar te zetten, mooie afwerking van de panelen. De drie heertjes zijn heel content, ze kunnen er op ravotten, klimmen en heerlijk slapen in de comfortabele manden, hangmanden en het huis. 🐈🐈🐈 😍

Still not received it all yet

For some reason 1 of the parcels has been returned to the Netherlands from the sorting centre in the UK when checking tracking on the DPD site, will update the review once i've actually got all the parts.

The part missing was the box including the base piece, ladder sides, and beds for the top so I can't actually put any of it together yet.

So good we have 3 !

We absolutely love RHR Quality cat beds, this is our third one (others are different models)
They are amazing value. Yes, you can buy cheaper cat trees on Amazon, etc, but they are poorly built, do not last and aren't stable when cats use them.
These ones are so solid and well made. If you are looking for a good quality cat tree, buy these and you won't go wrong!

Monster tree

This tree is amazing. 3 out of my 4 cats (2 house panthers, 1 house tiger & white cat!) went to work inspecting immediately after I’d built it! My white cat is partially sighted which is why I went with the dark grey with white poles, so she could see the contrast, my other cat is a rescue & needs tons of time to get used to anything new! My 4 are normal sized domestic short & medium hair cats, so not the big breed cats this is designed for, however they are tree murderers! I feel very unloved right now as they’re preferring the tree to my lap! The mirror in the third picture is about 4 feet (122 cm) by 3 foot 6 (107 cm) & is about 2 feet 6 (76 cm) from the ceiling just to give some perspective on the size of this thing! It’s a beautiful piece of architecture, I thought the tree they had before was big, it doesn’t have anything on this! I’m planning on buying some circle beds & a hammock to complete it & make it even bigger and better than it already is! I’m disabled and built it on my own in a little over 2 hours. I suggest when you build it to have a tape measure handy to ID the different length poles & screws. In short this thing is amazing & fantastic, even though it’s only been up a day I’ve already recommended it to 3 people!!

Ragdoll Scratcher Beige
Pauline Worrall
Blends with furniture perfect

Excellent service. Prompt delivery

Cat Climbing Wall - Sisalpole Set

The cats love climbing the climbing bag. They are still getting used to jumping up the poles (still kittens) however they love sitting on the lower poles and using them as a scratching post. One cat has worked out how to jump from the climbing bag to a hammock. Overall, I would recommend this product, it took some time to install, but definitely worth it for the exercise and interest it gives to indoor cats.


Prachtige en stevig krabpaal. Onze poeskes zijn echt verliefd op dus wij ook☺️

Colossus - a must for all big cats

We have a a massively tall British shorthair who is as big as a Maine Coon / Ragdoll. We had to upgrade our cat trees the RHR as he could not fit on standard ones and they just fell apart. Our friends who we got him from have this scratching post and when we stayed with them for a week he loved it so as he current flimsy ones started to fall apart we got this. Sure he will love it as much as his trees.

As everyone says - so well built.

Top Produkt

Einfach kolossal, wir haben für unsere 4 Maine Coons sehr lange nach dem passenden Kratzbaum gesucht … jetzt haben wir den perfekten gefunden. Top Verarbeitung, Top Qualität, aufgebaut in 45 Minuten, von den Katzen auch gleich angenommen.

Monipuolinen ja tyylikäs!

Monipuolinen, tyylikäs ja erittäin laadukas raapimapuu! Vakaa suurempienkin kissojen käyttöön (meillä ragdolleja). Kangas on ihanan pehmeää!! Luulisin ettei tähän jää irtokarvojakaan samoin kuin muiden valmistajien raapimapuihin koska kangas on todella silkkisen pehmeää. Aivan ihana ja kissatkin tykkää.


Erittäin laadukkaan oloinen puu, suurempi ja tyylikkäämpi kuin mitä kuvat näyttävät. Upea! Helppo ja nopea kasata yksinkin, laadukkaat komponentit ja niin superpehmeä kangas että haluaisin itsekin olla kissa ja käpertyä pussukkaan nukkumaan... Täyden kympin raapimapuu, iso ja vakaa myös suuremmille kissoille (meillä ragdolleja).

Replacement Hammock

I bought this hammock to replace one of the two on cat tree that was developing a hole. The old hammock was of a shallower design and unfortunately, one of my two cats finds this deeper hammock off-putting and is sceptical about venturing into it. The other cat is very pleased with it. Pity the shallower hammock isn’t available as a replacement.

5 stars for quality, design could use improvement

I am very impressed with the excellent customer service and the quality of the tree. It is really stable and even the attached platforms do not shift the weight unequally if a 10kg Maine Coon is sitting on them.
The issue is that the cats find it somewhat difficult to get to the top platform. The box in the middle has rather small holes and my bigger cats will not use them. They would want a platform sticking out at the bottom level, so that they can push off of that. As it is, I had to order some bookshelves to place near the tree so that the cats will be able climb it. For now, I have to help them or they use the windowsill to get up.
The tree is quite narrow for so many attributes, for example I immediately removed the slide in the middle - if the tree is intended for big cats, how can you expect them to squeeze through that little hole? Also, my Maine coon would like to lounge at the top platform, not only the hammock or the bed - BUT there is a hole there, so he is just confused.
When they want to get down, it can get dangerous - they will not use the hole, which is the only option really, so then they will jump from the highest platform to the ground. Thankfully, I have a bed in front of the tree, so they can use it for landing.
5 stars for quality, but was expecting better design, definitely less squeezed together :(

Large, Light Grey Lying Area Step With Play Rope Triangular (for 12, 15 or 20 cm poles)

Top krabmeubel

Vanaf het 1e moment zijn onze katten helemaal weg van dit krabmeubel. Ze liggen er nu met veel plezier in en gebben geen ruzie meer om wie waar kan liggen. Er zijn tenslotte genoeg mandjes. Het is een erg stabiel en stevig meubel wat erg fijn is. Super kwaliteit zeer gemakkelijk in elkaar te zetten.

Great buy the cat loves it meooow

Grote, crèmekleurige Hangmat de Luxe (voor 12/15cm palen)

Solid tree for a solid cat.

Tree works great for a large ragdoll cat. Very easy to assemble. Feels very sturdy.

Lichtgrijs Kleurig Kussen, voor 50 cm Ronde Zetel

God kvalitet og nem at samle

Cat house

I'm really pleased with the quality, the value and how easy it was to set up takes a couple of minutes and is easy to dismantle. I bough this for indoor and outdoor and would highly recommend it.


Kissapuussa on tärkeää, että se on tukeva ja sitä tämä on. Taube on kiva väri.

Helemaal tevreden

De Lounge wordt veel gebruikt. Al mijn katten vinden het een geweldige plek om te slapen. Soms zelfs met 2 tegelijk.